BYD|Redefining Car Purchase Global Experience Design

Help BYD Find Breakthrough to Increase Transaction Conversion Rate

In this competitive car market, how BYD redefines its unique service and experience with their competitive advantage of its product. We help BYD reshape brand new brand theory and value from customer experience strategy to implementation, from service design, offline sales experience store to digital program. We user the interaction of people, car and scenario to design customer experience that can reflect the core value of BYD, shape the value recognition between customer and brand, so as to improve conversion rate and turnover rate.

Background and Challenge

Leader of new energy car, the potentiality, opportunity and challenge of BYD


As leader of global new energy car technology, BYD products have great development for the past few years. However, despite the competitive advantage of its product, BYD lost some customers for their unsatisfying service experience on purchasing process.



Data shows that, ninety percent of customers give up on BYD store, which is higher than industry average. Moreover, BYD brand doesn’t have emotional connection with their customer. That’s why even with technology advantage and high quality product, BYD still can touch their customer.

BYD searches for change, they adopt decentralized revolution measures, such as strengthen the training of sales, improve their sales ability, but these measures are not very effective, and the effect can’t last long. So how to face this challenge and put an end to the unfavorable situation? How to improve the intense relations between brand and customer, how to increase customer recognition and increase the turnover rate of purchasing on the store?


Insights and Design

Through research and understanding of customer,, start from overall strategy of brand, we figure out, under the advantage of products, improving customer experience is the breakthrough of improving brand sales volume. Only when improve customer experience and satisfy customer’s dual need of pursuing material and spirit can BYD improve conversion rate of 4S store at the root, so as to put an end to original impression of BYD and improve brand experience and competitiveness.


Focus on user experience, study user need in-depth


| User interviews & Immersive Research
We choose five typical sample cities, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, to visit their BYD stores and study stakeholder. We discuss with distributors, sales and customers to understand the diversity of consumption group in different city and problems that customers will face during purchasing process. We record every touch point from the first moment that customer connect with BYD, to the whole experience process of before purchasing, purchasing and after purchasing, memorize and study every detail.




| Extract user portrait and user journey map.
At the same time, we choose dozens core users of dynasty series to make 1v1 in-depth interview and collect great amount of data to study relevant user type, explore in-depth user need. After great amount of immense study, we summarize and extract typical user portrait and individually picture the journey map of customer and sales, which helps us to explore the unique customer experience power of BYD.



Wisdom & Enjoy


After in-depth study data of user need and co-create workshop, we finally extract four unique driving factors of BYD, and create “Wisdom & Enjoy” customer experience based on this theory. 



| Service design principle and goals

Based on it, we start from pain points and need of user journey, extract four principles and goals that can lead the brand
⊙ Four principles: Exceed expectation, reliable, recognition, no need to worry
⊙ Four goals: connection, strengthen experience, cut the breakpoint, continuously care


By closing combining four principles and goals of service design, we have carried out a comprehensive and detailed interpretation starting from the concept of "Wisdom & Enjoy" to guide specific design, so that user can experience “Wisdom & Enjoy”service.

The customer journey based on the four principles connects the various touch point of the user during the actual car purchase experience, effectively solving the breakpoints in the original sales process and the emotional lows they bring, creating a pleasant customer journey .



Global experience design implementation

| Concept design and test
Based on the brand concept and service design guidelines that have reached consensus and have achieved initial results, combined with the analysis of competing products in the same industry and the study of related cases in different industries, and thinking about different aspects of car purchase, we have completed 30+ conceptual design solutions And test it in real scenarios and desktop rehearsals. From the perspective of NPS strategy, relationship and transaction, we not only test from the perspective of employees and customers to verify its true usability, but also discuss the implementation with BYD internally. For key touch point, through further usability testing, the design schemes with operability and practical significance are screened.



| Service design blueprint

In order to integrate service experience design into the entire process of customer experience, connecting the front, middle and rear links of car purchase, we sort out the service design blueprint and finally propose a service design experience manual covering every link of the customer journey. In the actual service experience link, starting from the "Wisdom & Enjoy" concept and guidelines, taking the customer experience as the center, the corresponding dealer team should focus on the service links that focus on the four different types of typical users, and cover the entire 20+ detailed service nodes in the customer journey to build a global customer experience service.

After defining the long-term service experience principles and service standards, we extended the brand touch points to information display, digital tools and physical space design, and carried out the design of related service experience tools.



⊙ Brand information display — Through a brand new brand image, the brand concept of “Wisdom is pleasing to you” is accurately conveyed with clear visual expression. We set out from the " Wisdom is pleasing to you ", give the new image a more futuristic expression, and build a customer’s identity with the brand around the concept of providing customers with pleasant services.

⊙ Digital tools design— It better connects global services both online and offline, and also serves as a service continuation and feedback platform, providing customers with a more professional and smooth experience. The service staff also has more professional auxiliary tools to help present information and data, and make it easier to communicate with customers. We start from the "exclusive, professional, and trustworthy" service standards, and give the platform a more comprehensive, logical, and smooth information presentation, creating a service experience that is beyond expectations for users.


⊙ Physical space design — Considering the accessibility, staying possibility, different behavior paths and people’s behavior scenes of the retail experience space, the space dynamics and circulation are designed, and a combination of specific colors, materials and lights is used to create a strong Experiential marketing scenarios that convey the brand concept. At the same time, by strengthening the connection between the physical space and the digital space, the physical guidance system is used to guide people to interact with other contacts and deepen the service experience. Create a better service atmosphere and overall experience with a good space design, combined with the completed intelligent service design, focus on customer experience, and build BYD’s future stores.


BYD “Wisdom & Enjoy”brand experience strategy was officially released at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25, 2018, and has received internal recognition and positive response from customers. After successively implement customer experience service standards on BYD dealers across the country, the customer experience improved, and ultimately, customer satisfaction and 4S store transaction conversion rates were improved. Data show that starting from July, BYD’s new energy vehicle sales exceeded the volume of gasoline-powered vehicles for the first time. In 2018, BYD vehicles sold a total of 520,687 units, an increase of 23% year-on-year, and new energy vehicles sold 227,152 units, an increase of 108% year-on-year.

We look forward to the future of BYD stores to bring people a new smart car life experience.