Haier|CASARTE Retail Stores Customer Experience upgrade

Competitiveness improvement plan for high-end brand sales staff under the new retail model

As a high-end home appliance brand, in order to meet consumers’ needs for experience upgrade in the new retail era, Casarte designed a brand-specific peak experience for customers through the experience journey design of retail stores, and enhanced sales staff competitiveness It is a key breakthrough to promote the upgrade of the landing experience in line with high-end positioning.

Background and Challenge

Customer experience in line with high-end positioning


As an international high-end home appliance brand under Haier, Casarte serves the new middle-class elites in various countries around the world. With five major technology centers and 14 design centers in the world, Casarte reached the leading level in the home appliance industry no matter in technology research or product design.


With the arriving of the new retail era, consumers have begun to pursue personalized and differentiated services, and have new requirements for service experience before, during and after purchase. With its ingenuity of "for perfection and no compromise", Casarte continues to deeply cultivate the high-end home appliance market, provide better products and services to meet the needs of China’s consumer upgrade, deepen retail transformation, and better provide users with the best services throughout the process.



In order to meet this new demand, Casarte needs to rebuild the way of selling high-end appliances under the new retail model. Casarte hopes to optimize the sales service process and provide customers with a high-end consumer experience by improving the service level of sales staff.

Insights and Design

Consumer Insights: The Rise of New Middle Class Consumption


Compared with their parents, today’s new middle class people pay more attention to quality of life and the pursuit of good things, and they are “willing to spend money” on the issue of “working hard”. As a high-end home appliance brand dedicated to improving people’s quality of life, Casarte’s product positioning is exactly in line with their needs. After 70s and 80s, they became the main consumers of consumption, and their consumption ideas became more and more lightweight. From the past price drive to the current value drive, from the past pursuit of ownership to the present pursuit of experience. The quality of the experience has even become a key factor affecting their purchasing decisions.

In order to adapt to the changing needs of experiential consumption, the upgrade of Casarte service is inevitable.



Service strategy: Cusotmer-centric peak experience design


In the past, the traditional approach was centered on the corporate perspective. The usual approach is: first, conduct internal research on direct sellers, businesses, and executives to understand their expectations of the terminal; then, learn from industry benchmarking practices and experience; then, comb the service process and build a new system; finally, develop training Courses are implemented to each salesperson.


This method seems rigorous and reasonable, but there are huge problems. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to conduct research and optimization from the perspective of the enterprise, but ignores the needs and insights of the service objects. Although we have to take into account the needs of direct sales, business or executives, we should focus more on customer needs. Only by switching from an enterprise perspective to a customer perspective can we fundamentally understand the shortcomings in the current service journey and make an effective customer experience upgrade.


On the other hand, most high-end brands usually provide services that are higher than the industry average. However, in the context of the rapid development of experience consumption, high-end brands need to deliberately explore opportunities for customer experience innovation, pinpoint breakthroughs, and make rapid iterations.


In summary, we have proposed an innovative service strategy for Casarte: customer-centric peak experience design.



Based on Carsate’s original high-level service, insight into the new needs and trends of customers, and based on key points in the customer experience journey, create emotional high points for customers, make customers feel Carsate’s exclusive peak experience, and lead the home appliance industry Experience the transformation and development of marketing models.


Design Implementation: sales person competitiveness improvement plan


We hope that through a comprehensive analysis to understand the customer’s consumer needs, we will build a service system with a core design of “Enhancing High-end Sales and Creating Lifetime Users” for Casarte, from insight, design to landing, to fully upgrade Casarte ’s retail stores. Customer experience.


| Extract core points and design customer journey maps

With Casarte’s potential customers as the main research object, interpreting the lifestyle of high-end crowds, extracting typical user portraits, and gaining insight into their experience needs for each touch point before, after, and after service. In addition, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of customer service in the high-end retail industry, we conducted in-depth interviews with sales staff at Casarte’s  Stores, and conducted analysis and research on the benchmarking industry and other luxury brand retail services to analyze excellent contact behavior.


Synthesizing the research and analysis results of customers, sales staff and benchmark retail cases, we extract core contacts for Casarte’s sales store services to create a peak experience in line with Casarte’s high-end positioning, enriching customers’ sensory perception of the entire journey Finally, the contact list and customer journey map are output for Casarte, so that customers can fully experience the connotation of Casarte’s brand.



Knowledge extraction, design training programs

In order to ensure that the design plan is better implemented, so that customers can get consistent high-quality services when dealing with different sales staff, and experience the unique peak experience of Casarte, we must empower sales staff to improve their interaction with customers Coping skills and strategies.


Since different salespeople are suitable for different types of learning paths, we rank salespeople and develop matching learning content and courses for them. Through qualitative expert interviews and high-performing salesperson workshops, we comprehensively analyzed key points, dismantled the semantics and behavioral norms of situational sales, combed the knowledge points of each typical task by level, and formed a training program that can peak the experience. Staff and customers have a closer emotional connection, and efficiently reach repurchase and transfer orders.



Service design training implementation

We will conduct a pilot test of the entire process service design and training program. Through on-site observation and supervision, data record statistics, etc., problems are found and corrected in a timely manner, and overall control and advancement work is carried out. After confirming the feasibility, according to the actual situation and retail characteristics of different areas in Casarte, assist in copying and promotion, and carry out long-term tracking statistics on store sales data and customer satisfaction, compare and analyze, and find out the cause of the gap and the breakthrough method , Iteratively upgrades the new retail consumption experience exclusive to Casarte that meets the needs of the current customer population.


Summary and Outlook

Summary: impress customers with experience


By designing and planning the customer journey of “how to interactively divert to the store before purchase, how to reach a transaction at the store, how to get users to repurchase, or even become a lifetime user” after purchase, and to supervise the implementation, we do it for Casati ’s retail stores. We have upgraded the customer experience that leads the field of home appliances and meets the high-end positioning.


In the new retail era where both opportunities and challenges coexist, we will continue to think and practice by exploring the changing needs of customers for consumption upgrades, exploring the full process of customer experience innovation, and bringing a competitive leap to the enterprise.